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Optimistic music of a desolate world

MONDOLETTOSOTTOILCORVO was founded in 2018 by Gandolfo Pagano and Willehad Grafenhorst.
MONDOLETTOSOTTOILCORVO merges the experience of two musicians, grown up in opposite regions of Europe. Through David Chiesa they met in the Madonie, in Sicily, surprising themselves in an immediate synergy from which the idea of this project was born. 

Improvisation is a practice in which every action is mediated by mutual listening that generates dialogue. The musicians are constantly interacting, transmitting suggestions and each action becomes the cause and consequence of unpredictable developments creating real compositions. 

Gandolfo Pagano (Sicily)
Gandolfo Pagano, co-founder of several groups, among others: Enterico trio, Nero Diaspora, trio soleil, Torba ...
He has collaborated among others with: Tim Hodgkinso, Fabrizio Spera, Tristan Hossinger, Eugene Chadbourne, Thomas Lehn, Mark Dresser ...
Stable member of the Sicilian Improvisers Orchestra 

Willehad Grafenhorst (Sicily)
Since the 2000s, the focus of Willehad Grafenhorst's work has been on creating interactive dance-video-music performances in the duo "cri du coeur" with Fine Kwiatkowski.
Willehad Grafenhorst's current electronic music is based on the natural sounds of a string instrument, bass guitar, double bass balalaika or Hawaiian guitar, digitally processed with computer programs based on the Pure Data software.




MONDOLETTOSOTTOILCORVO con Fine - live in Bremen

Fine Kwiatkowski: dance
Gandolfo Pagano: guitar
Willehad Grafenhorst: bass, video


Recorded by Reinhart Hammerschmidt on October 25th, 2019 - MIB Improvisations 191

senza traccia

cri du coeur - concept and realization
Fine Kwiatkowski - dance
Willehad Grafenhorst - camera, editing